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Chief Executive Officer


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De Ramos



Our Mission


The mission of Allied Home Health Care, Inc. is to provide the highest professional skilled care for our patients, whether for prevention, or acute and chronic diseases. We fulfill this mission by caring for our patients with the dignity and respect they deserve while preserving their home environment.

Our staff works closely with your doctors to provide your necessary services. As an Allied Home Health Care, Inc. patient, you are informed about your treatment, medications and privacy rights. You are involved in your care.

Our team of skilled professional nurses, medical social workers, home health aides and physical, occupational and speech therapists are registered by the State of Illinois. Allied Home Health Care, Inc. is CHAP Accredited and Medicare Certified (see below for more information).

We know you have many choices in home health care providers, and Allied Home Health Care, Inc. is committed to our customers and their complete satisfaction. Call us to learn more about our specialists and our services - (773) 338-9900.

Why should you choose a CHAP Accredited Agency?

Allied Home Health Care, Inc. is a CHAP Accredited Agency. Community Health Accreditation Program (CHAP) is an independent, non-profit accrediting body for community-based health care organizations, including home health care agencies. A CHAP accredited agency meets clearly defined, internationally accepted standards that ensure the highest quality of care.

Why should you choose a Medicare Certified Agency?

Allied Home Health Care, Inc. is a Medicare Certified Agency. Medicare Certified Agencies meet Federal regulations, are approved to provide care and receive reimbursement through Medicare. Patients using Medicare must use Medicare Certified Agencies in order to use their benefits.